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This successful business model can now be your dream career, run out of your gym in your town/city. Fight Like A Pro creator, Gavin Topp, has licensed his concept, creating opportunities for people who share a similar passion.

“Fight Like A Pro has grown into an amazing way of life for my wife (Michelle) and I,’’ said Topp.

“Since we started in 2009 we have  run 16 very successful Fight Like A Pro nights. We have perfected the entire system so that now it is a smoothly running format.”

Gavin has taken the program out of his Gold Coast gym and trialled it in a different location, proving the concept is transferable.

“We know the secret to why this concept can work almost anywhere, time after time,’’ he says.

“And the most rewarding part of Fight Like A Pro is the fact that you are changing people’s lives.

5746“This is not your typical franchise that is purely about making money. Yes, we have proven that this is a very successful  business model, but what makes it a dream business are the human stories that are written every time we put a group of men through this program.

Those rewards are priceless.”

If you are interested in your own Fight Like A Pro licence, contact Gavin Topp directly on: 0414 356 404. He will explain how he will come to your gym and carefully guide you through your first Fight Like A Pro program, ensuring you have the skills learnt from his extensive experience of mentoring more than 300 men through Fight Like A Pro. He will also be available to ensure your Fight Like A Pro business continues to grow.

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