You’ve done the hard yards, now enjoy the rewards.

Yes, for every graduate of Fight Like A Pro your journey doesn’t have to stop at the end of Fight Night. There is so much more.

The feedback from almost every participant in Fight Like A Pro is that they want to stay involved with the trainers, the gym and fellow combatants. So, The Fight Like A Pro Club was formed.

This club continues to be one of the major success stories of Fight Like A Pro.

“We become a family and that’s why people don’t want to leave,’’ says Fight Like A Pro creator,  owner and head trainer, Gavin Topp.

“The Club is our family. We have people from our very first fight night, way back in 2009, who are members of The Club. People like Peter Aubort, who fought in the first fight on that first night.

“Every participant in Fight Like A Pro loves the camaraderie and that’s why they stay on as members of The Club. And they get the chance to keep really fit.

“Since we began more than 300 men have been through Fight Like A Pro and many of those we still see on a weekly basis. ”

Club members continue to train with the current Fight Like A Pro participants, but also enjoy unique benefits, such as their own training slot, the chance to be schooled as a trainer and cornerman and also social outings with other club members.

“Basically they want to stay involved and that is what The Club is all about,’’ says Gavin.

“Eventually many become mentors and trainers in their own right and they can share what they have learnt. It just depends on what goals they have. Because goal-setting is such a key part of the initial Fight Like A Pro regime and so most continue to set new goals.”

Taking you to the next level…
This club is only open to men that have taken the Fight Like a Pro challenge.

$2000 per year if paid upfront
$600 per quarter if paid upfront
$50 per week with paysmart direct debit

Click Here if you are eligible to join, and would like to express your interest or would like us to answer any of your questions.