Gav and the Fight Like a Pro team,

I just wanted to say thanks for a fantastic 10 weeks. As you know I was very hesitant about doing the course and I remember giving you every excuse under the sun of reasons why I shouldn’t do it. I have never been a fighter and never will be however I needed something like this to motivate me to get fit and focused. After some words of encouragement I decided to give it a crack and let me tell you it was the best decision I have made in a long time.

The fight night was great and although it didn’t go to plan it was still an absolutely awesome experience. Not many people get to experience something like that but it was all the other things that I got out of the program that I didn’t expect which really resinate with me. The mateship with all the guys, the words of wisdom that you would give us after a hard training session, the team of guys that help out and are always willing to give advice, the change in my fitness and most importantly for me was the fitness of my mind.

I have tried the gym, I have tried running but I could never seem to stick it out or push myself to any sort of level. It is hard to explain but what I found so unique with your program was it was structured in a way that you got the best out of me. It gave me the ability to break through the barriers, focus and apply my knowledge not only in the ring but in life situations with my family, friends & business.

This was a truly invaluable experience and something that I urge everyone to try. Everyone has different reasons for doing the program but I can assure you that you are in save hands with Gav.

Thanks again and I wish you and your team every success in the future.

Mick Brace – 37, Real Estate Agent, Burleigh Heads
Fight Like A Pro Contender – Round 8 – Fight Night 2nd September, 2011

damien -testimonalDear Gavin and the Team,

I want to sincerely thank you for giving me the opportunity to participate in something that has been absolutely life changing!!!!

Before Gavin even asked me if I would like to do the Fight Like a Pro program, I had seriously thought about it, however, due to the financial side of things – it wasn’t really an option. I was absolutely blown away when Gavin offered me the chance to participate, and completely humbled, as he explained that the previous fight like a pro boys had all chipped-in to put someone (me) that they didn’t even know, through this once in a life time opportunity.

This experience has taught me so many valuable lessons! It has given me a fresh perspective on the challenges that I have faced and will continue to face in my day-to-day life. I look at these obstacles in a completely different light! I have even caught myself thinking; if I can jump into a ring with someone nearly twice my size, then I can face and get through anything!!!

After 10 weeks of training, several black eyes and some sore ribs, I am about to embark on one of the most exciting nights of my life – fight night! I don’t know what the outcome will be, but this I do know – win, lose or draw – this has already been the experience of a lifetime.

Thank you all for allowing me to be apart of such a phenomenal program.

Kind Regards,

Damien “Thunder” Bird – 33, Teacher, Varsity Lakes
Fight Like A Pro Contender – Round 8 – Fight Night 2nd September, 2011

Hi Michelle & Gavin,

I just wanted to thank you both and your team for an unforgettable and unique experience that is Fight Like A Pro.
I got everything out of it both mentally and physically that I was looking for and some more,when I walked into the room last night I just thought wow this is the real deal and it was.
Fight Like A Pro draws in a great caliber of men and it was great training with them all,I will remember it for a long time and will take the experience with me into the future.
Gavin I will miss the training texts and the motivation from you and thanks for sharing your life experiences.
I wish you and your family a safe and Happy Christmas.
Lyndon “Mayhem” McDonald, 43, Operations Manager, Mudgeraba
Fight Like A Pro Contender – Round 9 – Fight Night 9th December, 2011

I started Fight like A Pro because I was feeling very unmotivated at work and home. I wanted to keep fit and and have a good challenge, so I signed up not really knowing what to expect. Having completed the program and participating in the Fight Night I can honestly say that it is one of the best decisions I have ever made. I have gained so much self respect, gained so much fitness and have met some great people along the way at Fight Like A Pro. The trainers are really helpful and the program caters for all men. I think the government ought to make this compulsory! For anyone thinking about joining Fight Like A Pro it will be a life changing experience!

Blaid “Ace Of Spades” Gifkins,25, Air conditioning Technician, Varsity Lakes

Fight Like A Pro Contender- Round 14- Fight Night 22nd March, 2013

“Fight like a Pro” has changed my life forever. I started this program not exactly knowing why I wanted to do it. Sure I wanted to get fitter and liked the idea of learning to fight, but there are other ways of doing this. Why did I decide to do it……

If I was truly honest with myself the reason I participated in Fight like a Pro is because I wanted to become a better man, I no longer wanted to be a boy. I wanted to unleash my inner warrior and pass through to manhood. I wanted to learn to fight, not just in the ring, but fight for what I believe in, my Family and what means most to me. I never had the confidence or I believe the ability to do this until Gavin Topp showed me that inside every man there is a warrior. No longer will I sit at the back and hold my head down, I am a fighter and can now hold my head up high and be strong.

Gavin and Michelle Topp have changed my life forever. This program has changed every aspect of my life and can be put into practice every day. It brings out the inner warrior and allows you to be more confident, tests you and takes you higher. I believe I can be a better man, a better father and a better husband through my new found strengths and confidence.

It has put a new breath into my family. Inspired my wife to start exercising, and for both of us to start eating healthy again and to pass these practises onto our children. It has pulled me from my daily routine and rut that I was going down and showed me another path and new found energy. Every day of the program I wanted to get out of bed, and go to the gym. No longer did I keep hitting snooze for another five minutes I was up and there!

To Gavin and Michelle Topp, you guys are inspiring. Thank you for bringing out my inner warrior. You have shown me a new lease on life and new found energy. I have become a better man because of your program. Thank you so much.

To anyone contemplating the idea of participating in Fight like a Pro, DO IT!! It is something you will never forget.

Everyone regrets the things they never tried not what they have done. Don’t look back on life and think “I should have done that”, do it! It is not a gym or training program, it is an experience. Thankyou Gav and Michelle and everyone involved in Fight like a Pro. You have changed my life and inspired me and for that I will be forever grateful.


Matt “Braders” Bradbury, 32, Diesel Fitter, Maudsland

Fight Like A Pro Contender- Round 14- Fight Night 22nd March,2013

To all of you at fight like a pro thank you for giving me an experience that will live with me forever. I now have something to be remembered for in my dash. Im still buzzing 24hrs after night, I can’t believe it happened… I’m looking foward to watching the fight night from a comfy chair, so I know what happened. Thanks to you all.

Philip “Padi” Denton, 33, Coffee Roaster, Palm Beach

Fight Like A Pro Contender Round 13- Fight Night 30th November, 2013

Real courage is when you know you’re licked before you begin, but you begin anyway and see it through no matter what.

There is no way i ever thought i would have got through..that i had the heart to go through to the end, to step toe toe in the ring and test ME..Fight Like a Pro has taken me to a place physical and mentally i never thought i could go..

It will give you the strength and confidence to overcome life’s hard hits, and give you a experience of a lifetime!

Its time to make a change!

I just want to thank Gavin Topp, Michelle Topp and all the crew at Fight Like a Pro.

Tony ‘The Sledgehammer’ Petschy

Fight Like A Pro Contender Round 20- Fight Night 10th May, 2014

Our oldest contenders story.

When I was very young my parents had a milk bar in Victoria St, Nth Melbourne. We were close to the stadium ( Festival Hall) and a lot of boxers were customers at our milk bar.
A few of them took a shine to me and I would go with them to watch the boxing. Unfortunately these blokes (one’s name was Johnny Gillet) drank a lot and my parents, ever protective, became less impressed and I wasn’t able to go with them anymore.
Fast forward to young Paul at 10 years of age and by now we lived in Newmarket near the Flemington racecourse. All sorts of characters existed around us and eventually I finished up going to the Police boys club where they taught me boxing.

Sayin it “Like it Is” (Ray Lastelle)

It’s Monday Morning, two days after Fight Night 24.

While it’s still fresh in my memory, here is my take on the whole experience. This is purely from my own personal perspective.

I am 68 years old and started the programme after watching two Fight Nights at the Casino. I have always kept myself reasonably fit after serving Twenty Years in the Royal Australian Navy. I was at a stage where I was a little overweight and wanted to get to a 100% fit in the shortest possible time. FLP would do that. To actually commit was one of the hardest things I have done, but after giving Gav the nod, I felt so relieved and focused. I remember making the point to Gav that the actual fight night was not my main reason for signing up but the fitness. He accepted that and also said that the fight was only six minutes in 3 months anyway. No big deal. In reality, he knew I was going to Fight and so did I.

During the training, I lost 10Kilo in weight and was jumping out of my skin fitness wise. I did not miss a single Training Session, gave up alcohol and watched my diet very carefully. I also picked a period where I had no other commitments for the three months. Nothing was going to stop me.
I had plenty of “knockers” when the word spread but that didn’t phase me at all because they were usualy from people that would never stand up and take a challenge. Like I said, this was a huge ask.

Emotionally, I experienced the lot. I was nervous, excited,motivated worried as hell about the fight but tried to shut it out. I had periods of highs and lows (Very low) where I felt like walking away. Strangely enough, after every gym training session, all the bad went away and it was all good again.The worst time of the day for me was from midnight til 9am. I had to shut out the inner voice that was telling me I didn’t have to go on. I kept telling myself that “Giving Up Was Not An Option”. It worked.


What a dreaded word. Might I suggest that you invent a new word for it. The start of sparring was pretty daunting for most, including myself. It meant that you were about to get belted around the ring. No one likes that. All the blokes I spoke to had the same reservations and told me that it was on their mind day and night. We survived because it was conducted in such a way that after it was over, we were usually still in one piece and there were plenty of good blokes around to watch over you and motivate you. I still say the word should be changed.

The last week before Fight Night.

This was a period of very light training to allow us to get some strength back. Again I didn’t miss a session doing light defence and attack. For me this was the week where I learnt so much from the Club Boys. Anything I wanted advice on I was asking questions and getting great advice. They all seem to have their own little tricks and tactics. The worst part of this week was the suspense of who you were going to get matched up with.

There were now two days until Fight Night. I don’t know about anyone else, but I fought the fight in my mind for two days straight. I had a plan.

The Fight (The Finale)

This was without a doubt the most emotional period. The advice was to get your mind of it and do something else to amuse yourself. Yeah Right.

My greatest fear was to get a cold and be unwell for the fight. I survived this for the whole ten weeks after training in the rain and swimming in the surf.
I couldn’t believe it…. The day before the fight a cold set in. My nose was blocked and I couldn’t breathe through it. I was devastated because the fight was on right or wrong. Friday afternoon I went to the local chemist very agitated and basically demanded they get me right before Saturday night. I was almost blaming them for it. I ended up buying come Codral Day and Night Cold Tablets and a bottle of water. I had two tablets at the counter to get them working fast. I was in bed at 7pm on the Friday Night but up about 10 times during the night to check my air passage. By morning it was starting to clear but not 100% Fortunately,just before the fight, Drew had a nose squirter that was supposed to fix the problem. He gave me a go with it and it did the job.

Fight Night.

Saturday… I had no distractions at all. Switched off the mobile and prepared. I arranged the clothes I was wearing to the Casino, the Fight Outfit and the the after party outfit. I cleaned my mouthguard,headgear and gloves with disinfectant. I had towels and full water bottles. My hand wraps were rolled and I put in a spare set as well. I was ready. The next few hours I spent working on my grand entrance. I played my entry song over and over. I
thought that the more “Hollywood” I put into it, the more the crowd would support me. That seemed to work on the night.

Getting Close….

My youngest daughter dropped me off at the Casino Main Entrance at 5PM. She stepped out of the car and gave me a goodbye hug before driving off. She later told me she cried all the way home. I have three daughters. They also told me that in the Ballroom, even before the first fight, they were all over in the corner crying. Can you believe that. On top of all that, my partner Pauline had even brought a small towel and had bandages in her handbag to fix up the damage I was about to sustain.

I always like to be early and thought I would be first there. Wrong, Chad was already there nervously pacing around. I think he was pleased to see me or anyone.As the Fighters started to arrive there were hugs all round. The bond we shared was getting tighter and you could sense the mood and feelings. Names were then ticked off, all accounted for and no one had pulled out.

Gav opened the Ballroom door and we all entered to the magnificent sight. There was the Boxing Ring we had all come to know so well. New feelings were emerging. We entered the ring, had a discussion and prayers after which Kev. told us the procedures for the remainder of the night. I didn’t hear a word he said, except where the toilet was. I went straight to the mens room in the middle of the kitchen for a nervous one and when I came out I took the wrong turn and ended up in a cool room somewhere. I had to ask directions to the Blue Dressing Room.

As I was second fight, I wrapped up early and prepared. I didn’t even look into the Ballroom before the fight. I didn’t know where my supporters were in the room and didn’t particularly care at this stage. I just wanted to get on with it. I had both Rob and Brocky in my corner.I felt very comfortable knowing they were there. Rob gave me a motivational talk and escorted me to the rear of the stage. Brock had my headgear and water bottle and I told him to put plenty on my head during the break between rounds. He had the wrong water bottle, the one he poured on my head had my secret formula in it. Little bit sticky.

From here it is a bit of a daze. I did the Hollywood Entrance and appeared to have some crowd support. I then saw my supporters and they were going Ballistic.

The Fight…..

I can’t remember much about the Ref. and his instructions, but I did remember Robs instructions. ….

The fight was now on. The one thing I remember loud and clear was that Adam (My opponent) was a different person all of a sudden.
All my pre fight plans were now out the window. He had a wild look in his eyes and he was fired up. I tried to remember Robs instructions but nothing at all was as planned. I had to take it as it came.
I can honestly say I had no idea how I was going throughout the fight. All I remember is that Adam was landing blows and I could only hope I landed more than him. I found it rather odd after the fight that I could remember what Adam produced, but not what I did. I am looking forward to seeing the video.

After the Fight.

The crowd was great. They supported everyone to some degree and it was a great atmosphere.

My supporters were going crazy, They had all lost their voices from screaming. I was still dazed from the experience.

I went over to join them and had the photos and all that stuff. I have never seen them in this state before. I guess it’s the Family Bond thing.

I eventually gained some exposure and relaxed to enjoy the rest of the programme and support the others during their fights.

Next Morning….

We had a relaxing breakfast at the Casino with Gav, Michelle and their beautiful children. I didn’t get to bed until 2.30 am and I didn’t get any sleep. My heart was still pounding all night. I have never experienced that before.

At the breakfast, Gav caught me a bit off guard with a question…….. What was the best part of the night.????

I have thought long and hard about that over the last two days because I want to give an accurate answer. Gav really wants to know. I am sure he will ask most the same question and there will certainly be different answers.

I have two stand outs and it’s not about me..

1. The absolute pleasure, enjoyment and satisfaction my family, friends and partner Pauline got out of it is indescribable. Life changing and something I will treasure forever.

2. This is the Highlight for me…………….

After my fight, the plan was to stay and support the other fellows, then at intermission, have a shower and change.

I did that, but as I was preparing to change, Adam (My opponent) entered the Blue Corner change room. He walked over to me and shook my hand and offered to buy me a drink. I said certainly, so we left the change room together, walked to the Bar and had that drink. He then took me over to meet his support group.

What a magnificent gesture from this truly amazing bloke. Thats the best part for me by a country mile.

This programme certainly brings out the best in us.


My journey certainly doesn’t end here. The bonding will last forever. There is not a bad person in the Gym. All the Trainers and Club boys are No1. Kev is unbelievably dedicated and a good bloke, even if he is a Kiwi. I am proud to be a No.24. They are all champions and I hope to see more of them in the near future.

Rob Quatro was in my corner along with Brock. Rob was the driving force to get me started in FLP and it was such a pleasure to have him in my corner guiding me for the finale. I really don’t believe I would have come this far without him and for that I will be forever grateful.

Well Gav., that’s me Sayin’ it like it is.

It has been a life changing experience and for that I sincerely thank you, Michelle and your beautiful family.


Ray Lastelle

Lassie “The Wild Dog” Lastelle


Dean wrote: “Ok Wayne, here goes. I met Gavin Topp out of the blue during a business networking breakfast. I heard he was an ex Australian boxing champion and it was pretty obvious by the shape of his nose he had served his time in the ring :-)
I’ve always had an interest in watching boxing and as soon as he spoke I was immediately drawn to him. Gav is a dynamic, inspirational guy and really is passionate about what he does. I later learnt he is a devout Christian too. Just an awesome bloke to be around (as are his team of trainers)
He sent me a follow up email after the meeting with a link to this, so he really had me thinking then. I mentioned to him I knew a friend that may be interested and agreed to meet him in his office for a chat.
Gavin is as good a salesman as he is a boxer let me tell you! He somehow shifted the focus to me rather than my friend whom wasn’t interested as it turned out.
As you know I started to struggle with depression after moving from Sydney, so amongst other things, I resumed to exercise and training to help. After competing in some challenging events (triathlons, outrigger canoe and Spartan races etc) I learnt there were benefits to be had getting myself out of my comfort zone. In addition, having recently losing some family members way too young in their lives and getting a scare myself after donating some blood that I may have had cancer, I began to embrace the philosophy “I don’t want to die wondering”. I mentioned this phrase to Gavin in his office and he replied, “do you know what’s worse than that Dean” I said no, he replied “LIVING wondering”.
I think that put the icing on the cake and the thought of actually participating in a boxing bout rather than watching for a change was scary I’ll admit, but you know me, the seed was sown.
I learnt later during the program that there was another underlying reason though. About 5 years ago I was in Fortitude Valley for a night out with my brother in law. I think we were walking between clubs or pubs and I noticed a man looking at us by the footpath. I took a second look at him as I noticed he was really focused on us, but then just continued walking and talking.
Soon after, I sensed he may be running up to me from behind. I was in a very calm and happy state and ignored that sense and ten POW, I was hit from behind!! I covered up and took a bit of a beating. To this day I do not know why I wasn’t filled with anger and didn’t retaliate. That anger came about an hour later along with the bruises. I was humiliated and angry with myself and probably never got over it. So I think the program was also an opportunity to have myself believe I could have courage and forgive myself for that evening.
So there you have it, sorry it was long winded, bet you’re sorry you asked wink emoticon 
Oh and in case you’re interested, here’s the actual video footage on the night….